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Eccentric, Unusual, Outlandish – all words that aptly describe the extraordinary works of sculptor Guillermo Forchino. Picture a mud splattered golf buggy with disgruntled cartoonish occupants, a comical chef delighting in his own creation and a couple, happily in love, seated in a red 65 Ford Mustang with 4 flat tires! These, and other amusing caricature sculptures form part of a collection that has found a passionate group of collectors all around the world! One look at a Forchino sculpture, and you are sure to feel a smile spreading across your face.

Guillermo Forchino sculpture of a red 65 Ford Mustang with flat tiresThe '65 Ford Mustang' is part of Forchino's Vehicles Series, paying homage to the classic car!
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Born in Argentina, Guillermo Forchino started creating these sculptures in the early 1980’s. An alumnus of the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris, he studied Art Restoration and Conservation, mastering many classical art techniques and mediums. In the beginning of his artistic journey, Forchino experimented with various materials to create his sculptures. He worked with wax, cloth pieces, paper maché and even bread crumbs and glue, which were only too popular with the mice who devoured it right off his workbench! Eventually, he began using poly resins to bring alive his characters, with intricate detailing, satirical wit and a unique comic strip style.

Sculptor Guillermo Forchino at work at his studioGuillermo Forchino at Work

Guillermo Forchino sculpture of chef eating spaghetti The intricate detailing in a Forchino artwork makes the personality come alive - here's a Chef enjoying his own creation!
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In 2003, Forchino began a collaboration with VMM in the Netherlands to make his sculptures available to more art-lovers across the world by creating limited edition replicas. The collection was titled “The Comic World of Guillermo” and comprised sculptures under various series – The Vehicles, The Professionals and The Professionals Special Edition. Till date, all replicas are painstakingly handmade and hand-painted. The entire process is carefully supervised and controlled by Guillermo Forchino himself. Each replica is individually numbered and stamped with the artist’s signature.

An outstanding Forchino Sculpture titled 'The Buggy Buddies'
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Over the years, Guillermo Forchino’s world has grown and has a whole parade of motorcycles, vintage cars, race cars, tanks and speedboats, all with bizarre looking occupants. It also includes a range of professionals like lawyers, accountants, doctors, sportspersons and more, with exaggerated expressions and gestures. Adding to the overall experience, are the accompanying humorous stories that have inspired the creation of each sculpture, making his creations, real personalities.

Some of Forchino's Professional Sculptures - a Tennis Player, Judge, and Lady Doctor and Wine TasterSome of Forchino's Professional Sculptures - Tennis Player, Judge, Wine Taster and Lady Doctor
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The exclusivity of these pieces also makes each of them a brilliant gift for loved ones – whether it’s the ‘Just Married’ sculpture for newly-weds (which can be customized with the couple’s names), or a ‘Golfer’ for your friend on the putting field, you are guaranteed to think of so many people in your life, with each of Forchino’s exceptional works of comic art!

Guillermo Forchino sculpture of a car carrying a 'Just Married' couple'Just Married' by Guillermo Forchino makes a fantastic wedding gift!
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Not surprisingly, Forchino’s caricature sculptures are hugely popular across the globe. Proud collectors worldwide, eagerly await the unveiling of Guillermo Forchino’s new limited-edition designs, twice a year. In the world of art, that is often perceived as serious, Guillermo Forchino’s delightful creations stand out for their humour and creativity. With exceptional attention to detail, and a phenomenally realistic finish, each sculpture is a testament to Forchino’s artistic brilliance.

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