A Handy Guide to Caring for Your Carpets

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A beautiful carpet instantly brings in a feeling of warmth, comfort and luxury to any room. However, if not kept clean, it can actually, start wearing down and fading, spoil the overall look of the room, and also become a breeding ground for allergies. Here are 4 useful tips for keeping the carpets in your home looking spotless and gorgeous!

Don’t Let the Dirt In

Accumulated dirt within a carpet is a lot harder to get out. Ensure people use the doormat outside your home, and don’t carry mud or soil onto the carpet. According to experts at Cocoon Fine Rugs, regular vacuuming, at least once a week, can prevent dirt building up. Vacuuming against the pile will help you get more dirt out, and keep the height and ‘tufty’ look of the carpet. However, don’t vacuum the fringes as they can break. Care must also be taken to only use a soft broom on delicate carpets, like those made with sari-silk.

Protect the Shape

Placing pads under your furniture avoids flattening of your carpet. By lightly stroking with a coin or brush, you can remove some dents that form over time. Occasionally rotating your carpet by 180 degrees also ensures equal wear. In case you notice a loose strand, don’t pull it out, as it will spoil the weave. Instead tuck it in, or clip it, say experts at Jaipur Rugs.

Removing Spills and Stains

Immediately blot any spills with a dry white cloth. Don’t rub, or you will fray the carpet. In case of coloured stains, blot the area with a wet white cloth first and then a dry white cloth. Don’t use strong stain removers to clean the spill as it will ruin the colour. Different types of stains may require different treatment, so do your research well before causing any permanent damage to your carpets. If your carpet is wet, keep it in the sun for a while to prevent development of mould.

Deep Cleaning

Call in the professionals to deep clean your carpets every year. Set a fixed month, so that it becomes an annual routine. Professionals can take care of any stubborn stains, bust the dirt, and have your carpet looking as good as new!

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