7 Unique And Artistic Ways To Decorate Your Walls

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Decorating a wall in an interesting way, isn’t as easy as it sounds. And that’s why most of us succumb to hanging one painting on the wall, instead of attempting to do something unique or different. But there’s no doubt, that sprucing up your walls is one of the best ways to give your home its own distinctive look.

(Image source: eastsidehomelink.com)

From quirky to bold, safe to adventurous, here are 7 artistic ways to decorate walls.

1. Gallery Wall

Creating an artistic gallery wall is a wonderful way to make a statement about who you are, and what you like. Whether it is paintings or personal photographs, prints or quirky illustrations, you can combine them to create a gorgeous gallery!

(Image source: Left - cocolapinedesign.com; Right - forevercottage.blogspot.in)

(Image source: Left - thecreativityexchange.com; Right - homepolish.com)

While a set of symmetrical or similar artworks would add a distinct character, a collage of differently-sized photographs, or using high and low frames, can add a fun element to your décor.

(Indigo Ikat Framed Prints by Potterybarn. Image source: potterybarn.com)

(Image source: drawhome.com)

(Image source: archzine.com)

2. Masks

Used as a cultural symbol in almost all parts of the world, masks are an unusual but interesting way to bring some character to your walls.

(Image source: smalldesignideas.com)

You can turn a neglected corner into an artistic spot by coupling a stunning mask with other pieces of art, or use several masks based around a particular theme to give your wall an exotic makeover!

(Image source: Left - designsponge.com; Right - apartmenttherapy.com)

(Image source: memorabledecor.com)

(Left - South Indian Face Mask; Right - Indonesian Festival Mask; available on Artisera)

3. Maps

If travel and adventure are synonymous with your lifestyle, maps are the perfect way to make a décor statement! While it’s common to see a study wall decorated with a single map, you can have way more fun with maps! Split a large map into several parts and have each one framed separately, or use different maps from around the world and bring them together in a sort of collage. A little bit harder, but a much more fun way, can be to do the framing itself in different shapes!

(Image source: homester.com.ua)

(Image source: restorationhardware.com)

(Image source: Left - hardtofind.com.au; Right - futurevintage.it)

4. Mirrors

We often only think of mirrors as utility items, but they can add so much depth and style to a room’s décor!

(Image source: westelm.com)

(Image source: Left - arofox.com; Right - hngn.com)

You can dress up a wall with a massive mirror that goes right down to the floor, complete with a gorgeous frame, or use several smaller mirrors of varying shapes and sizes to create a unique pattern on the wall.

(Image source: houseandgarden.co.uk)

(Image source: Left - zgallerie.com; Right - town-n-country-living.com)

5. Mosaic, Marble or Metal

If you don’t want to go the conventional way, you can display artworks made using more creative mediums, such as mosaic, marble, or metal! Mosaic artworks or accessories such as clocks, candle sconces, mosaic framed mirrors, can add colour, texture and character to your walls.

(A mosaic artwork depicting Jimi Hendrix by Vandeepp Kalra; available on Artisera)

(Left - 'Seasons' Mosaic Wall Clock; Right - Marrakesh Mosaic Candle Sconce; available on Artisera) 

Marble inlay panels and murals have adorned walls of monuments, palaces and homes for years, making it a fantastic medium to add a medieval touch to your décor.

(Image source: fineartmarblefloors.com)

(Marble Wall Hangings; available on Artisera)

Metallic wall art has gained popularity in recent years; a creative and stylish metal artwork is perfect for adding a minimalistic touch to your wall décor.

(Metal wall art by Artisan House. Image source: artisanhouseeurope.com)

6. Plates

Plates, though unusual to see anywhere except your dining table, can be ideal for decorating large areas of wall space. Because of their versatility, you can use plates in almost any décor style, whether contemporary or traditional!

(Image source: architectureartdesigns.com)

(Image source: wanhuajing.com)

Mismatched plates or ones with similar designs, varied shapes or symmetrical, when displayed in groups, they can effortlessly add depth, colour and style to your walls.

(Image source: Left - littlepieceofme.com; Right - apartmenttherapy.com)

7. Rugs

It is uncommon to see a carpet anywhere but on the floor, but walls can also benefit from these multifaceted decorative pieces!

(Image source: Cocoon Fine Rugs)

Hanging a bright-hued rug with an interesting pattern or colour palette on an otherwise empty wall, or behind a long sofa, can accentuate the look of any room.

(Image source: Left - magicdreamlife.com, Right - homes.nine.com.au)

With a little bit of inspiration, the challenge of filling a large, empty wall space can quickly turn into a perfect canvas for creativity. So what are you waiting for? Go creative with the walls in your house using our innovative, yet simple ideas! 

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