5 Ways to Bring Home a Moroccan Flair

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A distinct style inspired by Moorish architecture, Moroccan décor has recently developed as a new and exciting trend in home decoration. Reflecting the country’s cultural and historic heritage, Moroccan décor incorporates the elegance of Islamic features, blending together vibrant colours, geometric designs and floral motifs.

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Rich and varied, here are 5 typical elements of Moroccan decor that can help you bring an exotic ambience into your home!


Tiling, a prominent form of Islamic art, is one of the main characteristics of Moroccan architecture. Terracotta tile work covered with enamel, called zellige, is used to decorate walls, ceilings, floors, tables and more, usually with geometrically patterned mosaics. Seen as a statement of luxury and sophistication, such tile work is found in homes around the world!

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(Riad Dar Chrifa, Fez. Image Source: @simplymorocco)

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If elaborate tile work is not practical to incorporate within your home, candle sconces and wall art made with mosaic tiles, could be perfect for adding an element of Moroccan style décor!

(Mosaic Candle Sconces inspired by Moroccan tilework; available on Artisera)

Rugs & Cushions

Made by the indigenous people of Morocco since the Palaeolithic era, traditional Moroccan carpets and textiles have seen a surge in popularity, with their bright colours and tribal designs, fitting in wonderfully with modernist décor!

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Moroccan décor is known for its vivid and colourful designs. The diverse colours are known for their varied connotations. Reds and similar colours like salmon, rosy pink, fuchsia represent femininity, sexuality, fertility and childbirth and are used on walls, carpets and pottery. Turquoise, greens and blues are common colours used extensively in tiling, floors, doors and window panes.

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Lanterns are elaborate décor elements integral to Moroccan décor. Traditional Moroccan lanterns and candle lamps often have classic, tapered shapes, with intricately carved metal chiselled carefully by master craftsmen. Whether hung from the ceiling or placed on the floor, they bring a gorgeous luminosity to the surroundings.

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Traditional Moroccan houses, called Riads, are characterized by interior gardens or courtyards. With water playing an important role in Moroccan culture, marble or cement water fountains, representing paradise, are a conspicuous feature in every courtyard.

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While fountains may seem unconventional, there is nothing more so quintessentially Moroccan, helping bring an exotic ambience into your living room, porch, terrace or balcony! 

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Influenced by Andalusian, French and Islamic styles, the appeal of Moroccan décor lies in it being the perfect blend of East and West, bringing the best of both worlds together, in a single, gorgeous approach to décor!

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