How Varun Bahl and Cocoon Fine Rugs Are Bringing Fashion Onto Your Floor

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Cocoon Fine Rugs – India’s premier and a la mode carpet house - has collaborated with acclaimed fashion designer Varun Bahl to create ‘Baroque Garden’, a collection of magnificent luxury rugs that celebrate the confluence of opulence, natural sophistication and elegance.

(Standing - Varun Bahl, acclaimed fashion designer; Seated - Ayush Choudhary, MD of Cocoon Fine Rugs)

This regal collection of rugs is a true testimony to the years of expertise of Cocoon Fine Rugs, and the artistic brilliance of Varun Bahl.

Flamboyant and lavish, the collection of six rugs brings out the sensual drama of the baroque era, paying homage to a period of artistic style that was marked with exaggerated motion and clear detail to produce exuberance and grandeur.

Each rug in this collection is handcrafted with exquisite finesse and skill, displaying motifs like the exaggerated lambrequin (border patterns seen in decorative drapery), damasks (reversible weaving patterns in silk, wool, linen or cotton), and Varun Bahl’s signature floral designs.

The rugs exhibit unmistakable splendor, marrying classic European elements and colours with a contemporary feel.

Ayush Choudhary, MD & Creative Director of Cocoon Fine Rugs, shares the inspiration behind this collection - “The idea has always been to create unique one-of-a-kind rugs that are like pieces of art for your floor. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to explore a fashion direction, where we use beautiful stylized textiles and garments as a source of inspiration. Varun Bahl's aesthetics are sophisticated and elegant, and it was very easy for us to relate to his vision and convert his ideas into beautiful hand knotted rugs.”

For Varun Bahl, this was a great opportunity to express himself as a designer. "Fashion for me has never been limited to clothing. Ayush just gave me one brief - follow your heart, and together we will bring your imagination to life”.

Cocoon’s specialization lies in exquisite hand woven rugs in natural textures of handspun wool and silk. Coupled with Varun Bahl’s inspiring designs, the Baroque Garden carpet series is nothing short of a phenomenal artistic experience.

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