Let Madder Red, the Colour of the Year, Add Style to Your Home!

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Ablaze like the core of the earth, and embracing a timeless elegance, the intense red colour called ‘Madder Red’ is all set to bring glamour and style into our homes this year. This rich, rosy hue has been picked as the 2016 Asian Paints Colour of the Year!

(Source: Pinterest @ Asian Paints)

Deriving its name from the ancient plant rubia tinctorum, also called madder, this red hue has been used as a dye since 1500 B.C. It is a colour that has travelled across time, and through civilizations, and is definitely here to stay.

(Source: Pinterest @ Asian Paints)

Inspired by the versatility of this gorgeous colour, here are some great tips on how you can incorporate madder red into your home décor, be it in the living room, bedroom, or even the bathroom!

(Source: Left - Pinterest @ Home Design Etc. Right - Pinterest @ Better Homes and Gardens)

If you are doing up your house, one way to bring the colour into your home is to paint your walls with a beautiful madder red tone.

(Source: foter.com)

Worried it might be too much? You can break the stark brightness of this rich colour with the help of paintings or other wall art in neutral or contrasting shades. For instance, a selection of beautiful black-and-white historical lithographs could add a lot of character, while offsetting the bright wall colour. See Artisera’s collection of lithographs here.

(Source: Left - uniquehomedesign.tumblr; Right - Pinterest @ Apartment Therapy)

If painting a wall is not an option, you can bring a touch of madder red into your home through pieces of statement furniture as well, be it a console table, cabinets, or a stylish chair.

(Source: Pinterest @ Horchow)

(Source: Left - houzz.com ; Right - Pinterest @ Home Design Etc.)

Like the idea of red furniture? You'll love these statement pieces available on Artisera:

(Maharaja Kalam Table from Anantaya)

(Oriental Bedside Cabinet from The Great Eastern Home)

(Oriental Painted Chair from The Great Eastern Home)

Another great way of bringing the colour into your home is through paintings and photographs.

(Source: Style by Emily Henderson)

(Painting by Anand Panchal available on Artisera)

(Liquid Art Photography by S. Reinhold, available on Artisera)

The magic of madder red lies in the fact that it can transform the look of any space, whether used in big or small doses. An accent piece – be it a clock, a beautiful mirror, an elegant rug, a cushion cover, or a quirky showpiece - could go a long way in making a difference to your décor.

(Source: Left - Rugsdirect; Right - Pinterest @ Style Me Pretty)

(Source: Left – Pinterest @ Pier1 Imports; Right – Pinterest @ Asian Paints)

 (A fun sculpture by Guillermo Forchino (available on Artisera) is a great accent piece for the living room!)

The dining room is where the family comes together to eat and celebrate. And what better colour to celebrate with, than the vibrant madder red? With the help of exquisite dinnerware, glassware, or just a linen spread, you can bring in some vibrancy effortlessly to your dining table.

(Source: Pinterest @ The Guardian)


(Dinnerware Set by Nishita in Porcelain and Gold available on Artisera)


(Red Crystal Champagne Glasses available on Artisera)

Wallpapers or curtains in madder red can also give your home a vibrant feel and bring an interesting touch to your décor

(Source: Left - Pinterest @ Laura Ashley; Right - Pinterest @ Curtains and Curtains)

Whether it is a small accent piece or an entire wall, the beauty of Madder Red lies in its ability to change the mood of a room in an instant. When it comes to making a bold statement with your décor, this rose red hue, with its sultry tones, is definitely one to take inspiration from!

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