Top Picks from the 2016 India Art Fair

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The most awaited art gathering of India and South East Asia, ‘India Art Fair’, founded in 2008, is a leading platform for modern and contemporary art, which sees galleries from India and around the world showcase beautiful collections of all forms of fine art.

The Artisera team attended the India Art Fair – 2016, held in New Delhi from January 28-31, and we’re bringing to you, our favourite displays from galleries spread across India, USA, UK, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Spain, Portugal, and more…

1. Carpet Installation by Faig Ahmed

At first glance, this looks like a 3-D image of a carpet. But it is in fact a real woollen carpet installation by Faig Ahmed, titled ‘Step Inside’ (Display at: Galleria ISA)


2. Alberto Echegaray Guevara’s ‘Moneyball: The One Million Dollar Installation’

An Argentinian artist tore up US dollar bills worth $1,000,000 to depict the idea of destruction and explore the real meaning of money. The money was then put inside a Murano hand blown crystal sphere. (Display by: Mondo Galeria, Spain)


3. An Exquisite Collection of 24 Miniature Pichvai Paintings

Originating from Nathadwara, Rajasthan, Pichvai paintings depict scenes from Lord Krishna’s life. The name ‘pichvai’ literally defines its’ purpose – ‘pichh’ meaning back and ‘vai’ meaning textile hanging. These intricate paintings were traditionally hung behind the main idol to heighten the shrine’s splendour. (Display at: Pichvai – Tradition & Beyond)


4. Children at Play by Nantu Bihari Das

Bringing to life his intrinsic childlike temperament, Nantu Bihari Das creates stunning sculptures of child-like figures using fiber glass and alpins. His ‘children at play’ collection draws a parallel with children and the soft fur they are associated with. Yet, in creating these, he juxtaposes the thought of tenderness with a medium as hard as metal, to create the perfect illusion. (Display at: Gallerie Nvya)


5. Untitled Painting by Neeraj Goswami

Prominent contemporary artist Neeraj Goswami’s paintings are born out of his daily meditation, in which images emerge in his purified soul. Geometric patterns and bright, yet soothing colours impart a ‘happy’ feel to all his stunning works. (Display by: Sanchit Art Gallery)


6. Mixed Media Works by Vinita Dasgupta

All the way from Portugal, a very interesting collection of mixed media works that use photography, painting, paperwork and more. This series depicted women from different creative walks of life, all the way from an Indian classical dancer to Marilyn Monroe. (Display by: Galeria Art Lounge, Lisbon)


7. Survivor by Rajesh Ram

Beautiful sculpture in bronze and stainless steel, shows a young boy, in all his innocence, yet caught up in a struggle. (Display by: Palette Art Gallery)


8. The ‘Company School’ Exhibit

Company School denotes the group of paintings, sketches, drawings and behind-glass paintings that were produced in India in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries for a European and mostly British clientele. The term ‘Company School’ was derived from the British East India Company which began with Indo-British trade in early 1600’s. (Display by: Swaraj Art Archive)


9. Untitled Painting by Paresh Maity

A highly celebrated artist from West Bengal, Paresh Maity was awarded the Padma Shri in 2014. His paintings are bright, colours are vibrant, and he creates magic with water colours the way very few can. (Display at: Art Alive Gallery)


10. Horse Sculpture by Akhil Chandra Das

Unique sculpture of a horse in bronze. (Display at: Aakriti Art Gallery)


11. Senaka Senanayake’s Stunning Painting Collection

World renowned Sri Lankan artist Senaka Senanayake’s paintings depicted the plight of depleting rainforests with an attempt to make the audience more aware of this pertinnt situation, but through bright and joyous paintings. (Display by: Grosvenor Gallery – London)


12. ‘Shivapriya’ by Sujata Bajaj

Beautiful and colourful fiberglass sculpture with acrylic and gold leaf. (Display by: Art Alive Gallery)


13. Mama’s Boy by Saba Khan

Living in the rapidly changing city of Lahore, Pakistan, Saba’s work is a satire on the elite and highlights social gaps. She uses crystals, bright colours and more to make the artworks interesting and eye-catching. (Display at: Taseer Art Gallery, Lahore)


14. Rabindranath Tagore by Tapas Sarkar

Renowned sculptor Tapas Sarkar’s bronze rendition of Tagore was breathtakingly real and hauntingly beautiful. (Display at: Chawla Art Gallery)


15. ‘A Golden Day’ by Mousumi Biswas

Mousumi Biswas’s life-like depiction of a beautiful girl amidst golden flowers may look like a digital print, but this beautiful piece of art is in fact a painting. (Display by: Art Konsult)


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