Turning Tables with Fine Dinnerware: Tete-a-Tete with Nishita Thakurdas

Creators And Collectors

Gold now has a place at the dinner table. That’s right. In 2014, Bangalore-based Nishita Thakurdas launched her exclusive line of fine dinnerware plated with gold and platinum. Nishita’s work is designed with the philosophy of ‘timeless elegance’, where each piece is a work of art. Ask her what made her start a dinnerware brand, and she quickly asks back, “How often do we see art on our dinner table?” She adds further, “I simply love everything that goes into designing dinnerware. It’s a whole new canvas that allows me to explore various art forms, inspirations and play of colours.”

(A beautiful peacock adorns plates in the 'Indira' collection)

The Design Story

Inspired by Indian culture and art, Nishita plays a perfect balance of old and new in her designs. Simply put, the work is right in between where you can make it look traditional, but also make it feel more with the times. She plays up motifs and themes based on Indian heritage, the country’s rich history, temples, palaces and much more. “I believe no other country has so much to offer in art and colours as India. I want to represent this through my designs, and take a quintessentially Indian dinnerware brand to the world.” she says.

So far, Nishita has launched 6 designs, and they are aptly titled – Indira, Jodhpur Evenings, The Lotus at Fatehpur, Banaras, The Mughal Garden, and her latest series – Devanagiri. Ask her if she has a favourite, and she pauses before admitting, “It’s probably The Lotus at Fatehpur.”

It’s interesting to see how the colours and patterns in her designs are distinctly different from each other. For instance, in the Indira collection she brings on table a beautiful peacock in blue that’s set against a white backdrop and looks like a watercolour painting, whereas in Banaras, the turquoise pattern is fuller, more traditional (inspired by her mother’s favourite Banarasi sari), with gold interlaced through the design. And then her latest collection, Devanagiri, is an absolutely gorgeous play of calligraphy in black and white, completely different, and perhaps a never-seen-before style of colour, design, and theme.  

(Mugs with artistic designs inspired by the Devanagiri script)

The Beginnings

Nishita first designed dinnerware in college for a boutique home store. And with that assignment, she instantly knew she had a special connection with dinnerware. Her career pulled her into design and branding for different agencies and corporates. “At one point in my corporate career, I felt like I was stuck in a jam. But now, with Nishita Fine Dinnerware, there is no looking back. Everything about this entrepreneurial journey is amazing,” Nishita reflects.

Dream Works

It’s not just the unique design and artwork that sets Nishita’s collections apart. She looks into every detail to ensure perfection. For instance, the gold on each piece is carefully applied by hand. Made in fine porcelain, every collection takes at least 6 to 8 months before it hits the stands. “The process from ideation to creation to final printing is long. We run through a number of samples and iterations before launching the final design. I am extremely particular when it comes to even the smallest detail. I don’t hesitate to send a sample back even if there’s a minor glitch” she quips.

(Nishita Thakurdas, with a dinner plate from her 'Lotus at Fatehpur' Collection)

She is also convinced about keeping her creations as limited edition. “I want every collection to be exclusive. I consciously try and ensure there is no repetition either in designs or colours,” says Nishita. Going forward, she plans to introduce two different collections every year, and also intends to launch a range of tea sets and cake stands. For Nishita, her creations are not just dinnerware. She strives to create family heirloom pieces. “I try and create timeless designs, which can be passed on from one generation to the other,” she expresses.

Lay Out the Table

Without a doubt, Nishita’s dinnerware collections, which are complete with dinner and side plates, serving bowls, platters, and napkin rings will encourage people to have a little affair with creativity and food. While her dinnerware is sure to add a beautiful tone to your own dining table, it also makes for a perfect gift. Recently, the Banaras collection was gifted to Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor at his wedding.

(Delicate Use of Gold in the'Banaras' Collection)

Elaborate, minute patterns with several elements were no doubt, once a sign of opulence, but today, when there is general consensus that less is more, Nishita’s dinnerware sets certainly make a strong impression. So, get ready to make way for art, design, and luxury on your table. Explore Nishita’s Dinnerware Collections here

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