5 Ways to Bring Home Some Panache

Inspiration Corner

“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.”

– Juan Montoya, acclaimed interior designer

Imagine coming home to a stylish and luxurious, yet warm and beautifully decorated space every day. A space where inspired home décor blends seamlessly with your furniture, collectibles and works of art.

From gold and black colour themes of the Mediterranean, to opulent extravagance of the Middle East; from European Baroque-style architecture, to the intricate, elaborate designs found in Asia – you can take inspiration from any place you like, and create a home that is both welcoming, and interminably pleasing.

To make your home perfectly stylish, we have 5 useful tips for you:

1. Spend Some Time

By time, we don’t mean spending hours, days and months browsing through countless online sites and home décor stores. You just need to invest enough quality time to develop a good theme for your home. For instance, explore some ideas to decide if you are an earthy person or you like all things bling, before planning your shopping. Of course, you can be flexible with the theme, but it always makes for a good start to spend time in deciding where and how you should spend time searching for your purchases.

2. Make a Mood Board

Now this may not be for the lazy ones, and you may need help from a creative soul, but if done right, a mood board, or theme board, can be extremely useful in translating those ideas in your head, to something visual.

A mood board is basically a cut out of pictures placed together, that tell the whole story. You can create your own version for every space in your house, using clippings of colour tones, furniture pieces, home décor items, and anything else that will go into the room. It’s wise to be thorough by choosing the exact colour palette, and placing the objects on the mood board just the way you want them placed in reality.

You may be surprised that an idea that looked perfect inside your head, doesn’t translate well in reality. Or it could be the other way around, and you could become convinced about a particular look after seeing it on your mood board.

Using a mood board helps to clear those doubts in your mind. And if you ask us, when it comes home décor, it’s perhaps best not to leave any room for guesses.

3. Invest in Statement Pieces

It’s often wise to invest in couple of stunning, eye-catching pieces to elevate the feel of a space. These can be art pieces made of brass, high-quality stone, glass, porcelain, or wood. And against common misconception, these statement pieces are not about price, they’re about quality, character, and rarity.

4. Buy a Piece of History

Be the storyteller. Buy collectibles and items that come with an enchanting tale or moving inspiration. For instance, you can choose something that is a representation of an ancient art period, or something you picked up on your travels that is a local specialty. Such pieces bring home a heritage value that’s striking and strong in character. They’re also a great way of adding charm to an interior theme.

5. Choose the Right Balance

Scale, balance, and proportion are extremely important aspects of an interior theme. If the scale is off, even the most beautiful piece of work can go awry. And proportion is about how the shape of an item relates to other things around it. For instance, if you have a square table, and you put a rectangular dish on it, it will look jarring. This is because the proportions are imbalanced.

Balance should also be restored in choosing different pieces that go well together to create an overall theme. It’s important not to overdo a particular style. For instance, if you have too many vintage items in a small space, you may risk the room looking like a museum! To avoid that, you could team a vintage with a modern-day collectible, to create balance. It’s always about making the relationship work between objects, depending on character, shape, colour and texture.

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