Your Home, Your Canvas

Inspiration Corner

If we go by the adage “Clothes Make the Man”, then your Home is no different. Home is a reflection of who you are – your beliefs, your expressions, your interests, your personality and your inspirations. And Art brings all this together – Art, as seen through furniture, paintings, sculptures, rugs, mirrors, lights, and accent pieces.

You can completely transform a space with Art. All you have to do is select the right pieces to match your personality and spirit. From bright colours to muted tones, from traditional to modern – you can play up the elements any way you like!

Here is some sound advice from us, to help you find your way through home art!


If you have laid your eyes on a solid, intricately designed piece of furniture, then you are on the right track. The key thing to furniture art, is that it must be a winner in:

  • Construction
  • Fabric (Material)
  • Comfort
  • Silhouette
  • Finish

Artisera tip: Look for furniture that has an element of the unexpected or some unique personality that emanates your style. The right piece of furniture will fit right into your chosen space, yet stand out.

Wall Art

Yes, a lot is said and written about wall art. So, without saying too much more, a few simple tips that will help you simplify the buying process:

  • Let the artwork complement the colour of your walls
  • Hang your paintings in symmetrical groups to increase impact
  • The frame is almost as important as the artwork itself; larger (thicker) frames and multi-layer framing can be used to add depth to paintings.

Artisera tip: Buy what you love at first sight – paintings don’t always need to have a strong meaning, and they can be interpreted differently by different people. So shed those inhibitions, and follow your instinct!

Home Décor

Each piece of home décor plays a vital role in defining and accentuating a space. For instance, nothing makes a room cozier than a rug or carpet. A mirror, if placed right, can add tremendous depth to any area. Lighting influences the mood of the space. Accent pieces and statues add uniqueness and character. Good home décor helps to create harmony, provide inspiration and offer comfort.

Artisera tip: Don’t hold yourself back, be as free spirited and creative as you want to be, in selecting your home décor.


When it comes to reflecting your style, nothing speaks more clearly than your collectibles – pieces from a bygone era, and also those from modern times that promise to hold their value for generations to come. These timeless accent pieces that adorn your side console, the entrance foyer, or the living room floor, always have a story to tell. And, if you look closely, these works of art feel strangely familiar. One doesn’t buy a collectible to fit into a particular space, these rare gems enhance whatever space you use them in.

Artisera tip: When it comes to collectibles, there are no rules. Just make sure the source from where you buy such a piece is reliable.

 Artisera is happy to be part of your search for something unique and beautiful. Explore our different collections, and decorate your space in a way that’s exclusively you. If you’re looking for something specific, write to us at and we’ll help you find that perfect piece!

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