10 Side Tables Worthy of Being the Centre of Attention In Your Home

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When one says ‘furniture’, we tend to think about beds, sofas and dining tables. But ‘accent furniture’ refers to those smaller pieces of furniture, that completely lift the décor of any room, and add a distinct style quotient by grabbing everyone’s attention.

Amongst the different types of accent furniture, is the quintessential Side Table, which can be used just for aesthetic value, or to place objects on. The perfect side table will add value to any room it is placed in. Here are 10 unique side tables from Artisera that ooze character, style, and class!

1. Miniature Art Tables

Available in different colours, our ‘Kalam Tables’, named so because of the miniature-style hand painted designs on the table tops, look beautiful in combinations, or even as one striking piece. What makes then extra special and practical, is that you can unscrew the legs, and use the tops as serving trays for food!

(Hand-painted Kalam Tables, available on Artisera in multiple designs and colours)

2. The Staircase Table

Now this one’s absolutely unique! Shaped like a staircase, this intricately carved side table can blend in beautifully into a traditional décor theme, and also add oodles of character in an otherwise modern room.

(Staircase Side Table)

3. Chess Table

Give your brain some exercise, while adding elegance and style to your study, with these beautiful marble inlay side table-tops, depicting a chessboard design. No matter where you place it, this one’s a sure winner! 

 (Marble Tabletops with Chessboard Design)

4. Stacked Tables

Flexible in placement, stacked tables can be placed one below the other, or split and used as 3 pieces and spread across the room or even different parts of the house. Complete with a marble finish and brass detailing, this set of wooden tables is classy and understated.

(Set of Nesting Tables)

5. Games Tables

Innovative and how, our game tables are perfect for grabbing attention and becoming a central point of conversation whenever you have a guest over! Go back in time with these fun tables that have childhood games like ‘Ludo’ and ‘Snakes and Ladders’, painted in Madhubani style on the table top.

(Ludo / Snakes and Ladders Tables)

6. The Cogwheel Table

Inspired by the design of a cogwheel, this stylish, yet simple table has been given a distressed finish, making it perfect for adding a rustic element to your décor while still blending perfectly into a modern themed room.

(Cogwheel Table)

7. Multi-Level Table

Side tables should look stylish, but the ones that are also high on utility, always have that extra edge. Our European inspired multi-level tables are perfect for a classical or vintage décor setting.

(Multi Level Tables)

8. The Minimalist ‘Jeeves’ Table

P.G.W Wodehouse didn’t just inspire a generation of writers, but also this ultra-efficient and minimalist side table, named after his beloved fictional creation – the English butler, Jeeves! The contrasting colours in the legs refer to the butler’s formal dress, and the simplicity of design makes it perfect for your home study, or office!

(The Jeeves Tables) 

9. Precious Stone Tables

There is something magical in the glistening shine of precious stones and rocks. These two side tables, made with lapis lazuli and white jade and tiger’s eye and jade respectively, are the ultimate in luxury, with their exquisite design, impeccable finish, and classical designs.  

(Lapis Lazuli and White Jade Table (left) and Tiger's Eye and Jade Table (right)

10. Pop Art Inspired Rubik's Cube Table

If you’re bold enough to add a pop of funk and colour to your living room, this Rubik’s Cube table, inspired by Andy Warhol and pop art culture, is the perfect addition to your décor. With fully customizable colours and figures, this one is sure to be the center of attention and conversation!

(Pop Art Inspired Rubik's Cube Side Table) 

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