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Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 53 x 61 inches


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  • ABOUT Hong Viet Dung

    Hong Viet Dung is one of Vietnam’s most accomplished and internationally renowned artists. Born in 1962 in the capital city of Hanoi, Hong Viet Dung was part of the famous ‘Gang of Five’, a set of five Vietnamese artists who were amongst the first to get global recognition in the 1990s.

     A 1984 graduate from the Hanoi Fine Arts College, his artworks have been sold at international auctions, including Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, has purchased an artwork by Hong Viet Dung. The artist limits the number of paintings he creates, and is sought after by art collectors around the world for the quality and value of his works.

    Emanating a zen-like aura because of his chosen elements, colours, and delicate technique, each of Hong Viet Dung’s artworks carry a message of peace. Whether it’s a serene landscape, a solitary soul or a beautifully captured moment, each painting by the artist holds the viewer’s attention, because of the sheer brilliance of the brushstrokes.

    Hong Viet Dung has participated in several solo and group exhibitions around the world, including Geneva, Hong Kong, Paris, Singapore, London, Brussels, Sydney, Barcelona, and Miami. His works are part public collections at the Vietnamese Fine Arts Museum and Singapore Fine Arts Museum.

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