by Vasundhara Tewari
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Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas
Size: 25 x 35 inches
Year: 2008
  • ABOUT Vasundhara Tewari

    Born in Kolkata in 1955, Vasundhara Tewari studied Literature at University of Delhi and Art at the Triveni Kala Sangam in New Delhi. Representing a new generation of women artists that are breaking away from the conventional mould, she experiments with different forms and techniques. Tewari works predominantly with the female nude, conveying the journey of a woman’s soul in search of her identity. Her paintings show women unraveling the mysteries of their inner self, even while they continue to partake in the mundane activities of day to day life.

    Vasundhara Tewari’s paintings depict the natural world alongside a human-made material world; objects and life forms linked to human destiny find a place on the canvas. In speaking about the evolution of her work, the artist says: "The handling of the brush is looser – many of the forms continue from my earlier work but the treatment is flatter - and less controlled. The figure is no longer the sole focal point. It is now juxtaposed with other elements that have been given equal, if not more, attention."

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