Turkey Tail Brackets

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Material: Refurbished Teak Wood with Inlay
Finish: Tel Pani Polish and Lamination
Size: Assorted Sizes
Lead Time: 4-6 weeks (if not in stock)


Be whisked away to a tropical world with these works of art! Absolutely gorgeous, the Turkey Tail brackets reflects true craftsmanship and offer a raw appeal. They are inspired by the lush, secluded rainforests of Borneo, and the myriad textures and patterns of nature found within. Turkey tail, or Trametes Versicolour, is a common polypore mushroom found around the world. Versicolour means 'that of many colours'. 
Made using refurbished teak wood with paduk, wenga and oak inlays, these stunning brackets can be used to display small decor items, or even be displayed bare, adding a touch of drama to your home.
The brackets are available in 4 different sizes, and can be purchased individually or in any combination.