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Size: 48 x 60 inches
Medium: Acrylic & Ink on Linen Canvas


Transitions exist in nature, beautiful and violent. Ends make way for new beginnings; destruction yields regeneration; life necessarily transitions to death; and out of seemingly nothing, springs forth majestic life. 

Titled Transition/Energy, this series represents the transitions that exist in nature, seasonal and universal. In this series, which is her largest collection with nine, varied canvases, Nanda Khiara inspires us to shed the old for new and take control of our energies as it gets us the same.

Apart from her unusual technique and unique style, this is the only series of paintings by the artist which has no commonalty between colors.

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  • ABOUT Nanda Khiara

    With an abstract expressionist style, artist Nanda Khiara’s paintings are warm and vivid, profound and complex. Working predominantly with acrylics, Nanda creates abstract works. Her love for grandeur reflects in the choice of the big canvases she frequently uses. She conjures bold compositions with subtle style and meaning, and maintains a unifying thread throughout her distinct body of work – an aura of mysticism and constantly evolving concepts and realms.
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