Rohida Shikhar Tiffin (L)

(inclusive of taxes)


Size: 6.3 x 6.3 x 13 inches
Material: Rohida Wood


A collector’s delight, the Rohida Range, is made from the Rohida tree (Tecomella Undulata), a unique wood native to Rajasthan, in Western India. Jain Monks used to carry food in Bhikshapatras (alms bowls) made of this wood, because of its densely grained nature, and inherently hygienic character, as termites do not eat this wood. The craftsmen make extremely thin walled vessels with considerable accuracy and consistency, a skill, which few in the world possess. The Rohida collectibles comprise of tiffins, jars, coasters, spoons and curry pots with food safe finishes to hold liquids, food, snacks, trinkets and more.
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