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Size: 23.5 x 35.5 inches
Medium: Photography


Fine Line is the perfect title for this incredible photograph. The delicate rising column of water imitates a fine line that leads to a grand collision on top. With the warm orange and yellow hues behind the collision and contrasting white and bluish-grey of the reflection in the bottom, the pictures completely captivates the viewer!

  • ABOUT Stephan Max Reinhold

    Capturing the splendours of nature, right down to its minutiae elements is not an easy task, but Bali-based photographer Stephan Max Reinhold does just that. With extreme precision, in a process that beautifully encapsulates science and art on a singular frame, Reinhold's work, focuses on photography of water droplets.
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  • ABOUT Liquid Art

    Liquid Art was created by Canadian photographer Stephan Max Reinhold, inspired by his love for the art of photography, and a lifelong fascination with the forces of nature. Reinhold captures images of water drops, and turns these minute moments into excellent fine art photography. Unique, precise and perfect, each photograph of the wonderful splendours of nature makes an impactful statement on a wall. The water drop images come alive with vibrant colours and incredible effects. Depending on the surface, the lighting, the background and the perspective, the results are dramatically different, giving rise to unusual, artistic photographs.
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