Figures In Time: Bourne & Shepherd (Set of 12)

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Set: Set of 12
Medium: Modern archival-quality print
Size: 16 x 12 inches


One of the most famous of European commercial photographers, and the most prolific photographer of colonial India, Samuel Bourne arrived in the country in 1863. In partnership with Charles Shepherd, he set up the studio Bourne and Shepherd, which soon became one of the most prestigious studios of its time — patronised heavily by royalty, nobility, Europeans and Indians alike. Up until its closing in 2016, it was considered one of the oldest operating photography studios in the world.

Charles Shepherd became more known as a master printer, heading the commercial side of operations and the bulk of portraiture at the studio. Samuel Bourne, on the other hand, assumed the position of the travelling photographer, immortalising the Indian scenery, architecture and people through the length and breadth of the country. 

This is a box set of 12 Modern archival-quality prints.
Paper size 16 x 12"
Print size 14 x 10”(approx)
Open Edition