Elixir Carafe Nafees Gold

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Material: Glass, Shisham Wood, Brass
Size: 7 x 7 x 12 inches


Whether it is a casual get-together or a formal evening, entertaining guests always requires some panache. When it comes to serving wine, using the right accessory is an important element – one which is often ignored. 

To ensure a smoother taste and open up the aroma, wine should be aerated before serving.  For this purpose, open-topped glass flasks, called carafes are used. With flared lips that help in aeration, carafes can also be used for serving wine or water. 

This exquisite carafe with a deep base, is accompanied by a finely carved stopper made of Indian rosewood or sheesham. Gold plated and elegant, this piece is perfect to add a touch of royal sophistication to your get-togethers. If not used for serving wine, this gorgeous, handcrafted elixir carafe would also make a great decorative accent for your home. 

An ‘elixir’ is an alchemic preparation believed to be capable of prolonging life. 

Cleaning Tip: Wipe with a soft cloth


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