Buddha Silhouette

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Size: 25.2 x 31.1 inches
Material: Glass Mosaic


A stunning work of art, this exceptional Buddha on canvas, is done with mosaic and acrylic.
The black tesserae have been placed with intent to reveal the subtle facial lines of the silhouette, and together they add depth and interest to the contour. The maple leaves, in the many hues of red, orange and beige, create a deep sense of calm and tranquility. The painting transcends the viewer to a state of spiritual enlightenment.

This artwork has very high quality varnish, which keeps the tiles and grout protected against external elements (dust/ dirt and scratches). To clean, use a lint free damp cloth.


  • ABOUT Vandeepp Kalra

    After experimenting with different art mediums for more than a decade, contemporary artist Vandeepp Kalra discovered her true calling in mosaic art. Juxtaposing elements of texture, light and scale, Vandeepp creates stunning works of art, and articulates them into stories filled with colour and mystery. One of India’s unparalleled mosaic artists today, Vandeepp’s work is guided by the luminosity and depth of glass (mosaic), that is painstakingly cut and deliberately placed against each other to form a coherent whole. She combines mosaic with different mediums and tries to create an engaging discourse between the viewer and the work. Vandeepp’s vivid imagination and prowess helps her keep the movement and the fluidity of the subject alive, which brings out the real beauty of mosaic art. Her mosaic specializations include oil/acrylic paintings on canvas, wall art, sculptures, clocks, mirrors and commissioned art.
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