African Tribal Headrest 02

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Material: Indigenous African Wood
Size (LxBxH): 4.5 x 5 x 6 inches
Origin: Namibia


Wooden headrests are widely used in different parts of Africa. Often considered to be status symbols, they are used to keep the head lifted above the ground. The height and size of the headrest is usually customized to ensure maximum comfort for the user. Used by both men and women, they keep the face and hair from getting dirty, and more importantly, also protect the elaborate and expensive hairstyles donned by many African tribespeople. These hairstyles often serve as important status symbols in many indigenous cultures. Give their purpose, headrests typically have a rounded or curved wide top. The shapes, decorations and patterns on the headrests differ, depending on the region or tribe.
This headrest is made using indigenous African wood, and belongs to the Himba tribe from Namibia. An original and rare collectible, the piece is most likely from the 1990s.