India’s royal families have always fascinated us. The lives of Maharajas and Nawabs have captured our imagination from times immemorial. But while rightfully celebrating their tremendous contribution to India’s glorious past, an equally significant part of our history has oft been overlooked – the royal women.

As a counterpoint to the usual narrative, TASVEER captures India’s royalty through a different lens in their exhibition titled Maharanis: Women of Royal India’, showcased in Bangalore from Feb 19th to Mar 21st, 2016. And we at Artisera are excited to bring this photography exhibition to you, with glimpses from a magical opening night, well attended by enthusiasts, collectors and students alike.

So join us as we embark on an experience that promises to take you back in time, and celebrate the grandeur and elegance of India’s regality.

The exhibition serves as a window into the lives of India’s distinguished female royalty - the countless high-born figures instrumental in keeping India’s rich regal tradition alive. The photographs not only celebrate the resplendent beauties of princely India, but also point us towards the ways in which these women circumvented and reinvented the traditional, or embraced and reinvented the modern.


(Guests enjoying their experience browsing through the exquisite collection of portraitures)

Understanding the socio-historical significance of these photographs, this exhibition approaches these women — alluring figures who sported chiffon sarees and exquisite jewellery, featured in Vogue lists and were touted as fashion icons — as voices from the past that history has seldom paid attention to.

 (Close-ups of a few of the stunning photographs on display at the exhibition)

At the exhibition, Tasveer also launched an accompanying publication - a coffee table book on the Maharanis - which includes additional material sourced from research stages, as well as over a hundred photographs of India’s royal women. 

(Mrs. Nirupama Rao. Former Indian Foreign Secretary and Ambassador with Abhishek Poddar, the promoter of Tasveer, launching the coffee table book)

Tempted to bring a piece of royalty home? Choose from the Coffee Table Book, or a boxed set of 20 photographs (archival prints) from the exhibition, which is a Collector's Delight! Decorate your table, library, study, a passageway, or a wall, with these exquisite portraitures of India’s extraordinary royal women. 



We hope you enjoyed the experience, and we look forward to seeing you at our next LIVE exhibition!