Art Deco Dressing Table - II

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Size (WxDxH): 60.2 x 19.6 x 75 inches
Material: Teakwood
Year: 1940s


Featuring a tall mirror with single drawers on each side, this elegant dressing table is marked by nuanced craftmanship and a rich finish. A perfect fit for classically designed spaces, the dresser is an original piece of Art Deco furniture from the 1940s. Made in teakwood, the curved legs on the two side tables, add a decorative element and flair to the piece.
  • ABOUT Art Deco Furniture

    Art Deco is a luxurious and glamorous visual arts design style that emerged in the 1920s in France. It flourished internationally in the 1930s and early 1940s. As an amalgamation of many styles and movements, Art Deco stood for optimism, sophistication and technological progress. It had a sweeping influence on everything from architecture to sculpture, interiors to jewelry, furniture to car design.

    Art Deco furniture is defined by strong symmetry, geometric patterns, sharp edges, highly stylized forms, bold colours and decorative details. Born in response to the austerity imposed by World War I, Art Deco was a purely decorative form, which, unlike previous styles, had no political or philosophical undertones. The popularity of Art Deco waned during World War II, when it was regarded as being too ostentatious, but the impact left by the design movement is indelible, and Art Deco furniture is hugely popular amongst connoisseurs even today.

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