About the Show


Artisera, in association with Tasveer, presents THE INSPIRED FRAME, an exhibition of photographs by acclaimed photographer Rohit Chawla. A tribute to three seminal artists – Raja Ravi Varma, Frida Kahlo and Gustav Klimt – the photographs in ‘The Inspired Frame’ present life-like reconstructions of some of the most iconic artworks by the three artists, featuring significant personalities from contemporary India as models. The show also includes photographic recreations of a select few 17th-18th Century Miniature Paintings.
With the photographs in this collection, Rohit Chawla brings the incredibly detailed, realistic portraits of Raja Ravi Varma to life, celebrates Frida Kahlo’s extraordinary creative force and individualism, and seeks to preserve Gustave Klimt’s opulent mastery of the canvas. Even his recreations of Company Style miniature paintings are strikingly accurate, from the aesthetics to the absence of depth.
With costumes by two of India’s most esteemed couturiers, Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Tarun Tahiliani, and props and sets by craftsman Manoranjan Mukherjee, the realness comes together perfectly in Chawla’s tribute, transporting us to a different time as we view the works of these iconic painters through his camera lens. Together, this grand collection makes an impactful, awe-inspiring presentation of Rohit Chawla’s admiration for the old masters, his eye for detail and his incredible technical skill.

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