About the Show


Artisera presents ‘The Flames of Creation’ – a solo show of artworks by celebrated artist SEEMA KOHLI. The creation of anything new – its birth, or rebirth – is a difficult process, whether real or imagined. Life, vegetation, a dance performance, a string of musical notes strung together to hold a melody, a writer’s words; a rising dawn, a tempest at sea, surging waters, the whistling wind when it blows fiercely; calm, meditation, analysis, looking inwards, tranquillity…
If that is a metaphor for the universe and for human life, consider, for a moment, Seema Kohli’s work: lotus buds and blooms; flowering trees; the permanence of roots, the strength of branches, the passing of seasons in its leaves; of female beings that soar on wings, taking flight; of cities that are home as well as prisons. Now imagine her yoginis, female deities that sit cross-legged, deep in thought, powerful yet serene, their strength evident in their composure. Hair rolling down their backs as the lushness of nature’s glories surround them, the umbilical cords of lotuses tethering them not just in the present, but unifying them over history and mythology, stretching back to when the universe was at its genesis, harnessing its energies, recalling a time when nurturing was an inclusive term as worlds were created from a void.

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