Senaka Senanayake

Artist Profile

Internationally renowned Sri Lankan artist Senaka Senanayake attained fame as a child prodigy with his art, holding his first international exhibition at the age of ten, in New York. Born in 1951, Senanayake studied art and architecture at Yale University, after which he dedicated his life to painting.

Senanayake’s works reflect his deep connection to the environment. His art focuses on the endangered flora and fauna of Sri Lanka. Vibrant and rich, his artworks feature lush green forests with exotic birds and animals, which are his main inspirations. With more than 100 solo shows to his name, Senanayake’s work has been shown across the world, and has been documented by Metro Goldwyn, BBC TV (London), Star TV (India) and many others. One of the region’s most important living artists, Senaka Senanayake lives and works in Sri Lanka.

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