Rejuvenation (Kinetic Sculpture)

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Size (WxDxH): 33 x 14 x 35 inches
Material: Brass
Finish: Brown Patina


A breathtakingly beautiful work of art, this kinetic sculpture titled 'Rejuvenation' signifies the importance of the seven fundamental chakras in our body. According to ancient Indian belief, these chakras balance the physical, mental and emotional energies of the human body. This work of art has motors attached to the circles (depicting the seven chakras), and when attached to power, the circles move.
Intricately crafted in brass with a brown patina finish, one half of the sculpture has a deconstructed look which demonstrates the distressed self. The other half has various chakras, which signify that regularly practicing chakra meditation is one of most effective ways to balance the seven chakras. The sculpture reflects the vital role that chakra meditation plays in balancing the seven chakras, thereby enabling a better life.
Care Instructions:
The look of any bronze or brass piece changes with time and weather conditions all over the world. Proximity to water and sea can also affect the surface. Please do not use any detergents or cleaning products to clean this piece, as it may damage the surface. If the piece is wet, dry it as quickly as you can. The piece can be cleaned using a smooth cloth or a smooth brush.