Shanto and Pocha

by Runa Biswas
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Size: 22 x 30 inches
Medium: Mixed Media on Archival Paper


A note from the artist about this artwork:
"I find the sense of humour amongst middle class Bengalis very endearing. Calling their children by funny names is one of the things they do often. So, if a child is well behaved, he is Shanto. And if he is naughty, he becomes Pocha. Over the years I have realised that we all have a little bit of Shanto and Pocha in us. At times, torn apart by the dichotomy of life. Which path should we take? The horse becomes a metaphor. Shanto and Pocha is my Sancho Panza, caught in a Quixotic world."
  • ABOUT Runa Biswas

    Born in 1975, Runa Biswas is a Bangalore-based artist who has developed a highly unique artistic language with many years of experience. She experiments with various mediums, textures, tools, and concepts to create her unusual and striking paintings. Using a mix of wash technique, layer on layer glazing, pouring, batik and brushwork, Runa combines the rigidity of bold lines with the fluidity of watercolor. Her subjects are mostly figurative, inspired by dreams, folklore, mythology, and stories. She also incorporates people she has come across and beautiful moments from her own life, in her work. Runa’s tools are as varied as her subjects; she uses brushes, pens, palette knives, droppers, twigs, combs, and even her own nails to create her paintings. With speed and timing being key to her technique, Runa has trained herself to be ambidextrous, using both her hands at the same time, for completely different applications. She acquired a Masters’ in Economics from Calcutta University and a Diploma in Fine Art from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata. Runa held her first solo show in Bangalore in 2018. Her art has also been displayed in various group shows in Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Bangladesh, Hungary, and Hong Kong. In 2017, Runa Biswas was honored with two accolades, the Prafulla Dahunukar Bangalore City Artist Award and an Honourable Mention Award from the International Watercolor Society, Hungary.

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