Senaka Senanayake 63 Pc Dinner and Tea Set, Garden of Paradise

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Size: Assorted Sizes
Material: Fine Porcelain and 24K Gold
Edition: Limited Edition of 50


Canvas meets porcelain in this exquisite 63 piece dinner and tea set that serves 8 people. An art lover’s delight, this limited edition set, crafted in fine porcelain and 24K gold, features elements from an artwork by the internationally acclaimed Sri Lankan artist Senaka Senanayake.
The 63 piece set includes 8 dinner plates, 8 side plates, 8 soup bowls, 8 dessert bowls, 8 napkin rings, 1 large serving bowl with lid, 2 small serving bowls with lids, 1 serving platter, 8 tea cups, 8 saucers, 1 tea pot, 1 sugar pot and 1 creamer.
Titled “Garden of Paradise”, the featured artwork is an ode to the inexplicable beauty of a rainforest in full bloom. As cerulean clouds part to let the golden rays of the tropical sun pass through, leaves glisten and flowers lift their petals in full bloom. Hummingbirds emerge from their sheltered canopies to quench their thirst and taste sweet nectar. A delightful play of light and shade, of rain and sun, of a million life forms living in perfect harmony emerges. This is the world of the thriving rainforest – untouched, preserved, beloved. One of South Asia’s most prolific artists, Senaka Senanayake paints a picture that is at once both vividly dramatic and evocatively serene.
The artwork has been reimagined with vibrant restraint on fine porcelain. Hummingbirds flutter in 24k gold-etched opulence as tropical florals glimmer with enchanting grace. A melange of pastel pinks and rich ochres are strewn in their floral splendour across the pristine white of a full-service dinner set. Shades of blue, from indigo to teal, colour the distinct plumes of hummingbirds as they alight on whimsical charming tea sets that contrast the drama of Senanayake’s canvas with an understated grandeur.
This 63 piece dinner and tea set has been created as a limited edition of 50 sets. Each set comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist, Senaka Senanayake.
Part of the proceeds from the sale of each set will be donated to the paediatric oncology unit of The Cancer Institute (WIA). The platter is conceptualized and created by Nishita Design, one of India’s leading brands for opulent tableware.
  • ABOUT Art Meets Porcelain

    Canvas meets porcelain in this breathtaking series of art platters and tableware, created by one of India's leading tableware brands, Nishita Design. Created as a limited edition series, each item features an artwork by highly acclaimed international or Indian artists, such as Senaka Senanayake and Paresh Maity. The pieces are crafted in fine porcelain and 24K gold, bringing opulence and grandeur to your home. Each collectible is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. Presented and packaged beautifully, these art collectibles are worthy additions to your own family heirloom while being a perfect choice for luxury gifting.

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