Warli - Untitled 20

by Ankush Kakuram Karmoda
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Size: 43 x 27 inches
Medium: Gerue & Acrylic on Raw Canvas
  • ABOUT Warli Art

    An ancient tribe inhabiting the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, the Warlis are known for their rudimentary wall paintings, reflecting a tradition that goes back thousands of years. Renowned for its simple yet unique portrayal of life, Warli art features geometrical shapes that represent humans and animals. The paintings portray hunting, fishing and farming scenes, festivals and dances. Depiction of the Mother Goddess as the symbol of fertility, as well as the "Tarpa dance" are common themes. The tarpa, an instrument played in turns, features often at the centre, around whom entwined men and women move in a circle. This is believed to resemble the circle of life.

    The technique of Warli art is simple, whether created on a wall or a canvas. A bamboo stick is used as the paint brush, and white colour made of rice paste, is used on a red ochre background. Sometimes, acrylics are also used instead of the rice paste, along with cow dung and gerue (red earth), for the earthy backgrounds.

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