Mekhala Bahl

Artist Profile

Born in 1980, Mekhala Bahl trained at the College of Art in Delhi and at the Rhode Island School of Design. An incredibly skilled artist with a technical oeuvre that ranges from printmaking to lithography, to drawing and painting, she refuses to restrict herself to a single medium or technique in her works. Always keen on experimenting, she uses a variety of media to create her paintings, from paint on paper to quilting, from glass to wood and silk.

Mekhala Bahl’s work is a glimpse into a world that is at the same time whimsical and thoughtful. Childlike patterns and scribbles are layered with almost-chaotic lines and blocks of colour to create these abstract worlds that are filled with energy and wit. Her imagery is subtle yet familiar, with symbols from the everyday world scattered across her compositions.

Mekhala challenges the conventions of traditional art with her paintings, breaking the barriers of definitions like ‘abstract’ and ‘representational’. Her art in turn challenges her audience as well, constantly questioning the need to find meaning in her mixed and multi-media creations.

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