Hanumantha Rao Devulapalli

Artist Profile

Hanumantha Rao Devulapalli is a self-taught artist from Andhra Pradesh with over two decades of experience. His foray into art was during a short stint with a prominent Telugu magazine, where he worked as a layout artist and illustrator. Hanumantha then went on to work as a visualiser in the advertising industry, only to realise his true calling, and taking up art as a full-time profession. Inspired by Vedanta – one of the schools of Hindu philosophy - he pays obeisance to the spiritual and subconscious mind through his art. Hanumantha Rao’s abstract works have an intrinsic meditative quality about them. He tries to capture introspective imageries and forms in layers of colours, that are scratched and repainted. His art, a wonderful mix of shades and textures, is both appealing and energising, taking viewers through a journey of peace and happiness. 

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