Veerabhadra on Horse - II

(inclusive of taxes)


Size: 6 x 4 x 12 inches
Material: Brass


Veerabhadra is the ferocious, warrior form of Lord Shiva. He was created by Shiva in his anger to avenge the death of his first consort, Sati. Legend goes, that Sati immolated herself after facing humiliation at a Yagna (fire sacrifice) organized by her father, Daksha. Sati and Shiva were not invited to this Yagna, but she chose to attend it, only to be insulted by her father in front of guests. On hearing about her death, Shiva commands Veerabhadra to lead his army to the site of the Yagna, and destroy everything in his wake. Ultimately, Veerabhadra beheads Daksha, Sati’s father.
A prized collectible, this exquisitely detailed piece shows Veerabhadra armed with a sword and shield, riding a horse. The figure of Veerabhadra is detachable from the rest of the piece.