C.F. John

Artist Profile

C.F. John is an established senior artist and social activist based in Bangalore. After completing his studies in Philosophy, he had his initiation in art under Jyothi Sahi in Silvepura, Karnataka. Through his art, C.F. John attempts to negotiate with the tensions of modern-day living. Finding peace amidst nature, he is inspired by people who are close to it.

C.F. John’s works are sombre and reflective, emanating a thought-provoking yet soothing presence. His individualistic approach to art gives it a certain freshness. John uses muted colour palettes, gentle textures, elegant compositions and occasional bursts of colour to portray subjects in a meditative state, while celebrating the uniqueness of the materials he uses to paint. As a social activist, C.F. John has lived with indigenous tribes, and his socio-cultural experiences have shaped his artistic process.

The acclaimed artist has participated in more than 40 solo and group exhibitions across India and abroad. Some of his major exhibits include those at Alliance Francaise Bangalore, Ravindrakalakshetra Bangalore, and Mainz and Saarbrucken in Germany. He has also had shows with other artists in France and London. C.F. John is an Indian Foundation for the Arts (I.F.A.) Awardee, among his other national and international awards. He was also recognized by BBC Radio as one of twelve artists around the world, whose approaches have led to significant innovations in their field. The artist lives and works in Bangalore.

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