The Businesswoman

by Guillermo Forchino
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Artist: Guillermo Forchino
Material: Sandstone and Resin
Size: 7 x 9 x 12.9 inches


Nothing bothered Ellen Jones more than when, as a teenager, her brother declared that a woman should be a housewife and nothing more. Since then, she had no other objective than to become an independent woman. She studied really hard, and even though she was extremely competent, needed to work twice as hard as her male classmates. She knew, that for a woman, it was two times harder to succeed in a man’s world. Today, as general manager of Ethical Planet Corporation, a company of 3,000 employees, she thinks of what her brother had once said, and just smiles.

  • ABOUT Guillermo Forchino

    Guillermo Forchino is an Argentinian sculptor currently living in France, who is world renowned for his range of "caricature sculptures". These limited edition replicas are closely supervised by Guillermo Forchino himself, and are identified by an enclosed certificate and a unique number on the bottom of the piece. Collectors of Forchino sculptures are spread across the world. The sculptures are brilliantly detailed, with a distinct comic characteristic that add an element of humour. The sculptures depict a range of professionals as well as vehicles.
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