The Great River Ganges into the Bay of Bangala

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Size: 20.5 x 24 inches
Medium: Print on High Grade Canvas


This map is part of a series of nautical charts from the early 1700s, showing highly detailed navigation information of the coasts of India for the benefit of mariners. These were compiled by Samuel Thornton, Hydrographer to the East India Company although the credit should mostly go to his father John Thornton, who had succeeded John Seller as the most notable of the chart makers in London. Upon his death in 1708, Thornton willed his charts, copper plates, instruments, and 'all things belonging to my calling' to his son, Samuel Thornton, who continued to republish his father's work, with few updates, until about 1715.
This map has been meticulously reproduced on high grade canvas, and is shipped framed.