Magnolia Campbellii - Illustration

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Size: 18 x 12 inches
Medium: Print on High Grade Canvas


This print is one of a series of illustrations made for J. F. Cathcart of the Bengal Civil Service in 1855. The plates were executed by W. H. Fitch and analysed by the famous botanist J. D. Hooker. The following is an excerpt from Hooker's description.

“This superb tree, which forms so conspicuous a feature in the scenery and vegetation of Dorjiling, was chosen by Dr. Thomson and myself to commemorate the eminent services of our friend Dr. Campbell, Resident at Dorjiling, in connection with the rise and progress of that important Sanatarium, as also his many contributions to our knowledge of the geography and natural productions, arts, manufactures, and races of the Nipal and Sikkim Himalaya.”

This document has been meticulously reproduced on high-grade canvas and held together by a slender black frame.