Cyrtosia (Erythrorchis) Lindleyana - Illustration

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Size: 18 x 12 inches
Medium: Print on High Grade Canvas


This print is one of a series of illustrations made for J. F. Cathcart of the Bengal Civil Service in 1855. The plates were executed by W. H. Fitch and analysed by the famous botanist J. D. Hooker. The following is an excerpt from Hooker's description.

“The subject of the present Plate is certainly the most remarkable Orchid in the Himalaya, if not in all India, and belongs to a small genus, native of the Eastern Himalaya, the Khasia mountains, and the Malayan Islands. The plant is dedicated by Dr. Thomson and myself to our friend Dr. Lindley, who has laboured so long and successfully in investigating the structure and affinities of the extremely difficult Natural Order to which it belongs."

This document has been meticulously reproduced on high-grade canvas and held together by a slender black frame.