Bani Pershad


Bani Pershad completed a Diploma in Commercial Art from the Maharani Bagh Polytechnic, New Delhi in 1979, and has been working as a freelance artist since 2008. Her story is reminiscent of the numerous accounts throughout history, wherein the art seems to have chosen the artist. A trained Kathak dancer and commercial artist, visual art in different forms has always been her medium of expression.

Bani’s paintings juxtapose an understanding of the fluidity of emotion and the visual vibrancies, that only a dancer can have. Each canvas reflects an understanding of life in terms that go beyond language and imagery, into a unique world of symbolism. Most striking though, is the sheer unpretentiousness, innocence and truthfulness that is reflected in her work.

Layers of acrylic and oil, stunning use of colour and texture, and a vast spectrum of subjects, characters and stories, make her work a diverse and consistently engaging set of frames. Her canvasses are the sacred space for articulation that is free of all judgment.

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