Arvind Kolapkar


Born in 1975 in Ahmednagar, Arvind Kolapkar completed a Diploma in Art Education from the Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune, in 2000. His works are bright and happy, often celebrating relationships among people. Greatly inspired by classical and folk music, the flute is a constant motif in his paintings, reminding one of the mythical Krishna and his idyllic world of joy. The artist’s acrylics on canvas depict slender, elongated women, couples and groups of friends. With warm, rich colours, his paintings highlight the integral role emotions play in our lives.

Kolapkar has had solo exhibitions at the Atelier Art Gallery, Mumbai, Alankritha Art Gallery, Hyderabad and the Singapore Art Gallery, Singapore. In 2002, he received the State Art Painting Award, prior to which he was awarded the Portrait Award by the Chitari Academy in 2000.

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