How to Make a Statement With Your Living Room Decor

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A home may be a personal sanctuary, but the ‘Living Room’, is what you share with others. It’s where you entertain, and it is often, the first and only impression that guests have of your home. And so, your Living Room should be a mirror to your personality, likes, interests and design sense. Here are some ideas on what you can use to spruce up the décor in your most “lived-in” room.


Coffee Table Books

Don’t let your Coffee Table books stay hidden in a bookcase; they’ve been given their name for a reason. The beautiful covers and the pictures within can liven up any living room. Stack your favourite coffee table books by placing them one of top of the other, arranging them at angles, or placing them between attractive bookends on a table. Your choice of books makes a statement about your areas of interest, and can be conversation starters.



(Selection of coffee table books from Tasveer available on Artisera)


Gorgeous to horrific, masks come in quite the aesthetic range from a diverse range of cultures. A collection of masks arranged in a cluster on a wall can add an eclectic touch to your décor. A single stunning mask can also work wonders within a minimalist setting. Masks serve as a memory of your travels or a glimpse into your interest in history, tradition and culture.



 (Selection of traditional and festive masks from Anemos, Essajees and other brands available on Artisera)


Vintage and quirky trunks are a trendy accessory increasingly finding a way into people’s homes. A trunk, or a combination of different sized trunks can be placed in a corner as an accent or be converted into a functional piece of furniture. A trunk can act as a stylish yet functional center or side table to display curios and photos. In addition, the storage within can be used to keep knick-knacks. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, display some cool collectibles within an open trunk!


(Colourful Leather Trunk Coffee-Table from PortsideCafe available on Artisera)

 (Vintage Leather Trunk with Circular Top from Anemos available on Artisera)


Big or small, traditional or contemporary, sculptures can steal the show, whether placed on a console, a side table, or even the floor. A collection of quirky sculptures, built over time and arranged along a console can bring in a fun element, whereas a single period sculpture, bust or elegant figurine can lend an artistic touch to your room. If you have a few different pieces to show off, you can even dedicate a wall to displaying sculptures within shelves.

(Source: Left - ; Right -

(Range of traditional and contemporary sculptures from The Great Eastern Home, Sarita Handa and other brands, available on Artisera) 

Vases need not be overshadowed by putting flowers in them. Glass and porcelain vases or oversized urns are gorgeous living room accessories, which can stand on their own, whether in a corner, or on top of a shelf or side table. You can introduce colour into your décor by placing a single vase, or by grouping a few textured or coloured vases in different sizes together for a more dramatic effect.

(Source: Left - ; Right -

(Selection of Vases from Qrator, Navrathan Antique Art and others, available on Artisera)


Rugs are the anchoring factor that define the space inside a room. They can dictate the overall theme, whether it’s vintage, bohemian or contemporary. If you have minimalist décor, go for a muted contemporary rug that adds to the overall composition, or create a contrast with a traditional or brightly coloured rug. You can even define different spaces within your living room by using two rugs. To make a truly bold statement, use a rug as a piece of art on the wall, instead of the floor!

(Artistic rug being used as wall art; source: Cocoon Fine Rugs)


(A selection of traditional and contemporary rugs from Sarita Handa, Cocoon Fine Rugs and Jaipur Rugs available on Artisera) 


Modern or vintage, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps or even interesting candle stands can completely change the mood of a room. A lamp with bright colours or an interesting shape would blend in perfectly on a side table, while floor lamps with dramatic shapes can be used to make a bold statement. If your overarching décor is modern, use an old-school or vintage chandelier or candle stand to create a soothing contrast.

(Source: Left - ; Right -

(Selection of unique lighting options from Essajees, PortsideCafe and Qrator available on Artisera)


A large, impressive artwork dominating an entire wall is a foolproof statement to make in the living room. But having multiple pieces of art complementing each other on a wall, can add visual drama and create a distinct theme. A collection of pieces from one artist, or a mix of different styles will not just make the room beautiful, but also be the center of conversation with guests.


An affordable way of building a gallery-like wall space is to invest in limited edition prints of master artists. Another different way of using art is to display it on the floor, leaning artistically against a wall.

(Acclaimed designer Michael Aram's home in Delhi; source - Architectural Digest)

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