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Vases are that element of home décor, that many take for granted as simply receptacles for flowers. Though they have been a part of our homes for centuries, the versatility of these decorative pieces is often overlooked.

(Malachite Vases by Jonathan Adler; Image Source: jonathanadler.com)

Whether decorated with flowers, or standing as distinct entities on their own, here are 7 gorgeous types of vases that prove that they are indeed striking pieces of décor!

Glass Bulb Vases

Breathtaking in their simplicity, bulb vases, often hand-blown, are perfect for displaying interesting plants and flowers. Their clear, rounded bases are ideal for natural objects like shells, pebbles and sand as well!

(Image Source: Left - blog.travelshopa.com; Right - ingersko1o.loveitsomuch.com)

Burmese Lacquer Vases

Lacquerware has been a key industry of Myanmar for the last three centuries. Traditionally used as offering bowls in temples, these unique Burmese lacquer vessels and vases reflect the ability of the artisans to make even the most mundane objects into stunning works of art!

(Burmese Lacquer Offering Bowls; Image Source: expertissim.com)

(Image Source: Left - carlaaston.com; Right - home-designing.com)

Who says vases are only meant for the indoors? Large urns make magnificent pieces of garden décor, while smaller ones are perfect for the porch or window sill.

(Image Source: Left - houzz.com; Right - frontgate.com)

Handle Vases

Highlighting the opulence and luxury of the past, most European vases are intricately hand painted, and come with elaborately carved handles that give them a dramatic flair!

(Image Source: vivelareine.tumblr.com)

(Vases with Handles, available on Artisera)


Tulip Vases

First made in the Netherlands in the 17th century, tulip or pyramid vases were used to decorate hearths and tables with tulips during summer and festive occasions.

(Image Source: aronson.com)

Oriental Vases

Oriental vases boast of the exquisite skill and craftsmanship of artisans from the East, who have practiced this art for generations. Typically covered with very detailed patterns and figures, these intricately hand-painted vases have been used for trade since the 7th century.

(Image Source: Left - kdhamptons.com; Right - Vietnamese Jars, available on Artisera)

Modern Vases

Whether made of colourful mosaic, or painted with a renowned artistic masterpiece, vases today speak of unconventional shapes, styles and materials – all adding to the versatility of this inconspicuous yet impactful decorative item!

(Left: Glass Mosaic Vase; Right: Vase with Van Gogh's artwork; available on Artisera)

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