5 Tips on How to Create a Stylish Home Bar

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For many of us who love to entertain at home, having a well-stocked bar is essential for planning the perfect get-together. And while the focus is quite rightly on serving delicious drinks, the bar is one part of your home where you can be truly innovative and bold with your décor, and make it stand out! Here are 5 helpful tips on how to make a style statement with your home bar décor.

(Image Source: The Great Eastern Home)

Bar Furniture

While all of us would love to have an elaborate bar unit, space limitations sometimes mean we have to settle for a smaller cabinet. Decide on a theme for your bar, and choose your storing cabinet accordingly - traditional, contemporary, or funky can all work – you just have to go by your style instinct!

(Left: Bar Cabinet with Traditional Bone Inlay work; Right: Contemporary Square Barrel Bar Cabinet - available on Artisera) 

If you're currently building or planning your home, you could even consider a bar unit that goes into your wall, and saves precious floor space. 

(Stylish Wall Bar by Amy Lau Design; source: hgtv.com)

Accent pieces of furniture, such as an eye-catching bar stool, or stylish wine rack, can go a long way in enhancing the décor of your home bar. 

(Left: Wheel Design Bar Stool; Right: Revolving Bar Stool with Leather Upholstery - available on Artisera)

(Kodai Wine Rack, available on Artisera)

The Serving Apparatus

There is nothing more important than the glassware and bar accessories in which you serve your drinks. Be it a wine bucket, ice container, a decanter or the glasses – unique, stylish and classy barware can most definitely add to the experience your guests have, and make a big impression! 

(Range of Stylish and Unique Carafes and Decanters available on Artisera)

(Left: Deer Head Ice Bucket; Right: Wine Bucket with Owl Motif, available on Artisera)

(Image Source: interiorgod.com)

The Conversation Starters

Fun, humour and a little bit of story-telling should never be too far away from a bar. A great way to accentuate the décor in your home bar, is to use interesting statues and figurines related to liquor brands, such as the Johnnie Walker figurine, Black & White Whiskey motifs or the White Horse statuette from Artisera.

Another way is to pick up small figurines on your travels and build a collection around a theme, to decorate your bar cabinet. Alternatively, if you’d rather keep the look more formal, you can opt for a stunning sculpture or a dramatic accent piece, such as this tusk replica studded with stones.

(Available on Artisera)

Up the Walls

An interesting set of paintings, or just one impactful photograph can add visual drama to your bar. But if you’re feeling more adventurous, you could instead opt for a visually striking mask, or an animal head wall hanging (not real, of course!) to do up the walls in your home bar. Just a singular piece is enough to create impact, and in this case, less is definitely more!

(Image Source: mydomaine.com)

(Image Source: socialsurvival.tumblr.com)

(Eye Catching Animal Shaped Wall Decor and Dramatic Masks available on Artisera)

On the Floor

In a dedicated bar room or bar area, a carpet not only enhances the overall look, it also helps to define a space, highlight your bar furniture, and make the space look larger!

(Image Source: digitaladea.com)

Choose a rug or carpet that complements your décor mood, whether it’s with a striking animal print, or a bright and busy traditional pattern. For a warm look, go with a more classic Persian or patchwork rug. It’s preferable to choose a carpet with darker colours because the bar is typically used in the evenings, and more importantly, because darker rugs will hide any marks left by spilt drinks over time!

(Carpets in different styles, designs and patterns available on Artisera)

Remember that ultimately, everything in your bar comes together around the drinks. So once the décor is taken care of, make sure you have mixers, shakers and the good spirits!

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